Heated Hand Warmer Pouch Stealth 3.0 x Realtree

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Heated Hand Warmer Pouch Stealth 3.0 x Realtree

Heated Hand Warmer Pouch Stealth 3.0 x Realtree

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Proudly Based in the USA

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Embrace the unrivaled power of G-Tech's Heated Hand Pouch, meticulously crafted to deliver the ultimate hand comfort for all outdoor enthusiasts. Harnessing our patented heating technology, this hand warmer stands as the epitome of innovation, offering the hottest and fastest warmth in the industry.

Stay Warm. Stay Active: Specifically designed for those who don't let cold weather hinder their passion. Whether you're a golfer, skier, hunter, or athlete, our hand warmer ensures your hands stay cozy throughout.


Marathon Warmth: Equipped with a long-lasting battery, expect up to 12+ hours of consistent, unwavering heat.


Winter's No Match: With its weather-resistant and ultra-fast heating capabilities, say goodbye to the biting cold and hello to endless warmth.


Built for Champions: Trusted by the top names in NFL, PGA, and other professional sports circuits. Your performance deserves nothing less than the best.

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    Rapid Heat Up

    Reaches full temperature within minutes for immediate warmth.

    Enduring Warmth

    Provides a consistent heat for up to 12+ hours.

    Featherweight Design

    Lightweight and non-intrusive ensuring unhindered mobility for all activities.

    Machine Washable

    Effortless cleaning, simplywash and hang dry.

    Lifetime Durability

    Crafted from military-grade polyester to stand the test of time.

    All-Weather Defense

    Premium weather proof shell shields from harsh elements.

    Crafted for Champions

    This innovative solution delivers unparalleled warmth, quicker and hotter than any other product available, right into your hands. It's our secret to defying the coldest conditions.

    Our Heated Pouch isn't just another accessory; it's an ally for the determined and a companion for the dedicated. Specifically engineered to cater to elite performers across various disciplines, it finds itself in the arsenal of professionals from the NFL, CFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, PGA Tour, and LPGA Tour.

    Endorsed by champions and trusted by professionals, G-Tech sets the benchmark in heated hand warmer technology. Experience the same edge as the pros - equip yourself with the best, and elevate your performance in the face of the elements.

    The Hottest In The Game

    12+ hours of
    Consistent heat

    Heats up to 200ºF+

    Designed With
    Premium 3M material

    Patented G-Bar

    Excellence in every thread

    Our commitment to excellence means that every G-Tech product is built to stand the test of time. Trusted by professionals and loved by countless customers, our gear isn't just built to last — it's crafted to be a lifelong companion.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 193 reviews
    Louis-André Brind'Amour (La Prairie, CA)
    INSANE !!!

    Got it right before my first golf game of the season here in Qc , my hands stayed hot all game long !! Very nice product well made . I recommend it !

    Kade Post
    Infantry Review

    Stealth 2.0 X Military Grade
    Myself and multiple members of my Platoon have been using these heated hand warmers over the past year. These things are an absolute game changer in the winter/rainy season up in the PNW. Not only do they keep your hands nice and toasty, but are also built like a tank. They hold up to day in and day out hard infantry use. Fast shipping, packaging is great. Nothing but good things to say about G-Tech! My ONLY complaint would be for G-Tech to include an extra battery with the Military Grade version.

    tim ellis (Staten Island, US)
    Nice hoodie

    I just got my G Tech heated hoodie it's a nice hoodie it works real nice with the heated pouch for your hands it's a little snug for double extra large i like little more room it will work out maybe in the future made a xxxl one i also got the hand pouch to it work great i not a fan of glove all the time

    Bill Roddy (Columbus, US)

    The Ohio State embroidered logos looked smoking!!!

    Jay Prepchuk (Port Moody, CA)
    Heat pouch

    This is an unbelievably amazing product! The heat switches work perfectly! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!! 🙌🔥👍

    bert (Aliso Viejo, US)
    Heats Up Fast, Even and Well Made

    This totally lives up to the hype. Was looking for something outside of throwaway hand warmers and at the advice of a coworker decided to buy the Sport 2.0. Instructions were easy and after a quick battery charge was installed and ready to go.
    What surprised me was how fast it heated up. Within what seemed to be less than a minute it was providing plenty of heat.
    I highly recommend this for all kinds of sports and extra curricular activities. I can see why so many professional sports leagues have picked the line up.
    The only thing I would recommend would be to purchase 2 batteries. Other than that, it’s totally legit.
    5 Stars!

    Lawrence Menta (Cheshire, US)
    G-Tech & Golf

    We purchased the heated pouch for my grandson who is a 10 year old competitive golfer. He wanted to try it out this week while swinging his Rypstick for speed training outside in 28 degree weather. He was so happy with how quickly it warms your hands and said now He never has to play with cold hands. We live in New England so there are plenty of those days. It is amazing how fast it heats up. What a great idea to add a heating bar to a hand warmer!!!

    Joe Foster (Detroit, US)
    The Ticket

    Things slick. Have used it a handful of times goose hunting here in MI. Been about 15-20 degrees each day. Start it on high till it warms up then back down to low heat to Maintain. Pouch lasted 12 hours during an all day hunt one day. I hate gloves when waterfowl hunting and this thing is the answer! Durable and super warm. Battery lasts quite a while too. Color me impressed. The grab handle on the inside is an ingenious idea!

    Riley (Irving, US)

    Going on the mountains with this is a game changer! Especially on the chair lifts the hand warmer is a must!!!

    Kirk Kimmelshue (Toronto, CA)
    Hot Heat For Cold Hands!

    I just purchased the G-Tech Heated Pouch for playing golf in Northern California. I have never used a product that helps keep my hands warm like the G-Tech Pouch does! I will be recommending this to all of my golf friends!


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