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Crafted for those who thrive under the open sky, G-Tech serves the dedicated golfers, hunters, fisherman, military, workforce, and sportsman.

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Our patented heating technology heats up to 212 degrees in minutes, beating our competitors by a whopping 70 degrees.

12+ Hours of Heat

Choose between 3 custom heat settings to match the environment, with our lowest heat setting (140°F) providing consistent heat for over 12 hours.


G-Tech was originally created to help professional athletes perform their best despite cold weather. Today, professional sports players around the world rely on our hand warmer muffs. Players in the NFL, CFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA trust the G-Tech brand to keep their fingers and hands warm so they can be on the top of their game. The same can be said for many golfers on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and the Ryder Cup.



Whether you are an athlete, outdoor enthusiast or someone whose hands simply have poor circulation, G-Tech’s hand warming technology can help relieve the pain and numbness in your hands caused by cold temperatures. From the rock climber who wants to boulder during the winter, to the golfer whose arthritis has kept him off the course during the chilly seasons, G-Tech is helping people to overcome climate challenges.

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Voices From Our Customers

Voices From Our Customers

Savior for cold weather golf.

Love this thing! Normally, I don't play golf sun 55° because my hands go numb, but now I can play throughout the winter in northeast TN. Great investment!

Nick C

Don’t Pass it up!

If you hunt and dislike wearing gloves this is for you! The best and fastest way to stop those cold aching fingers! Definitely worth the money.

Zane C.

Love it.

So far the product is great!! I work outside doing residential solar installation. I have terrible circulation in my hands and working in 20-degree or below weather is very hard. This makes it very bearable. Thank you G tech!!

Austin S

Great for Infantry & Hunting

Myself and multiple members of my Platoon have been using these heated hand warmers over the past year. These things are an absolute game changer in the winter/rainy season up in the PNW. Not only do they keep your hands nice and toasty, but are also built like a tank.

Kade P.

The Hottest In The Game

12+ hours of
Consistent heat

Heats up to 200ºF+

Designed With
Premium 3M material

Patented G-Bar


Feel the warmth risk free for 30 days or your money back


G-Tech stands behind the material & workmanship of our products


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