The Best Hand Warmers for Arthritis and Raynaud’s Use Patented Heating Technology

Get instant relief from cold painful hands with the hand warmer pouch recommended by the Raynaud’s Association. Whether you suffer from Raynaud’s syndrome, arthritis, or other painful conditions, heat has been shown to loosen stiffness, improve circulation, and ease pain. Unfortunately, most hand warmers don’t provide immediate relief because they
only heat the pouch. Our technology, however, literally puts the heat in the palm of your hands with a patented heat grip.

Heat Therapy Helps Raynaud’s Syndrome, Arthritis and Other Hand Ailments

As you may know, Raynaud's syndrome (RS) is a disease that restricts blood circulation in your hands and toes in response to cold or emotional stress. It can be painful and debilitating. Unfortunately, gloves won’t help after you start feeling cold, because they can only lock in your body’s heat from blood circulation, which is restricted. Instead, an external heat source can provide better hand pain relief.

But RS is not the only disorder that is soothed by warmth. In addition to restricted circulation, achy joints and muscles also feel better when you apply heat. That’s why health care providers often recommend heat therapy for painful conditions like arthritis in the hands.

Hours of Hand Pain Relief

When you need heat therapy for hand pain, it’s best to choose something portable and long lasting. Of course, warming gloves are portable and can be helpful RS and arthritis apparel. But they aren’t very convenient when you need to use your bare hands.

And while disposable hand warmers may seem like a reliable option, the truth is that the heat only lasts a couple of hours before dissipating. Then they are useless and typically get thrown away.

All of this makes rechargeable hand warmer pouches a more convenient, economical and environmentally friendly option. In fact, our rechargeable battery lasts up to 12 hours for all-day hand pain relief. Plus, we also offer spare batteries that you can have charging and ready to switch out for 24-hour relief. In addition to the long battery life, we’ve designed the pouch with 3M material that locks in warmth.

With a G-Tech hand warmer pouch strapped to your waist, you can get back to the business of enjoying life despite living with RS or Arthritis.

The Raynaud’s Association Recommends G-Tech as the Best Hand Warmer for Raynaud’s

“The Raynaud’s Association is a U.S. based non-profit organization whose mission is to provide support and education to the millions of sufferers of Raynaud’s Phenomenon, a medical condition caused by an exaggerated sensitivity to cold temperatures. Approximately 5 to 15% of the population suffers from Raynaud’s phenomenon – in the U.S. that represents 15 to 30 million people living with Raynaud’s, a sizable market in search of products that can provide warmth and comfort from the pain and discomfort associated with Raynaud’s attacks.

The Raynaud’s Association works with manufacturers to help promote products that have the potential to benefit Raynaud’s Sufferers, and the G-Tech Hand Warmer is one of the best heated products we’ve tested to date.

Because it’s portable, it supports sufferers in participating in lifestyle and leisure activities that could otherwise be difficult to pursue. We’ve teamed with G-Tech in promotions that offer our members and social followers the opportunity to be creative in how they might use the G-Tech Hand Warmer in their everyday lives, and there’s been no shortage of ideas! We value our relationship with G-Tech and appreciate the support they’ve shown for the Raynaud’s community.”

-Lynn Wunderman of the Raynaud’s Association

Customer Testimonial

“I am so happy and my life has changed. I have severe Raynaud’s and have unfortunately lost a digit to this debilitating disease. I was able to go out for dinner (night time) for the first time in years and not have the sheer worry of my hands going into spasms and then the pain. This is so much worse if you have ulcers, but good news, no spasm, and no pain. At any stage if either of the hands were feeling cold, just placed them back in the hand warmer. My experience so far, if on medium heat, you will get approx. 5 hours. I also have a spare battery on hand if required, so that’s 10 hours of security. If you have Raynaud’s, primary or secondary, you need at least one of the Heated Pouches from G-Tech.”

-Craig M.

Heated Hand Warmer Sport 2.0