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Extend the Playing Season with Your Own Golf Hand Warmer Pouch

If you love golf, don’t let falling temperatures keep you off the courses. Instead, do what the pros do: Layer your clothing, use shoes with replaceable spikes for traction, and keep your hands warm to prevent loss of dexterity in your hands and fingers.

Stiff fingers will inevitably lead to less fun and more bogeys. But, with the patented technology of the upgraded G-Tech Hand Warmer Sport 3.0, you can comfortably keep your grip all day.

If you haven't seen the Sports Illustrated article featuring our product, you’ve probably seen Ryder Cup and other PGA players wearing a golf pouch strapped to their waists. Those pouches are hand warmers. And most pros prefer the rechargeable G-Tech brand because, unlike other hand warmers, the heat goes directly in the palm of your hand. Plus, with three levels of heat to choose from, you can set the right amount of heat for your hands. It’s cold weather golf gear that you can count on.

Long-Lasting Warming Technology Keeps the Snowman Away

Golfing with cold hands can easily disrupt your grip and your score. So, hand warmers are essential for staying warm and performing your best in cold weather. In fact, we designed our golf hand warmer with patented warming technology to deliver the fastest and most concentrated heat directly to your hands. Whereas other brands only heat the pouch.

Plus, the lithium battery can provide up to 12 hours of heat before it needs to recharge. And if you want to stay outdoors for a longer period of time, you can order a spare battery, so you won’t have to worry about cold hands again. In fact, you can rely on hand warmth for 18 holes and plus some, with our golf hand warmer pouch.

Additionally, our golf pouch hand warmers are made from water-resistant 3M material. The advanced fabric technology and premium construction will lock in the heat and protect your hands from any moisture. And best of all, the G-Tech hand warmer is reusable and rechargeable.

Get the Golf Hand Warmer Pouch that the Pros Use

Golf courses are notoriously exposed, leaving golfers at the mercy of the elements. Since 2014, we’ve been proud to provide hand warmers to golfers. However, if you are competing at the high school or college level or are a sideline fan, our golf pouch will help keep your hands warm too. With the G-Tech hand warmer pouch around your waist you will be ready to hit a hole in one.


Don’t Take Our Word for It. Take the Word of Our Happy Customers

  • I purchased the G-Tech hand warmers just over a year ago for golfing during the winter months due to a heart problem that limits my circulation.  I absolutely love the warmers as they take the 'sting' out of cold weather golfing, no more sitting on my hands to warm them.  I can see limitless opportunities for this product.  I wish I had these during my hunting and fishing days.  Not all manufactured products are without issue.  I have found G-Tech to be the best in customer service that I have encountered in my 62 years.  No hassle resolution with product support and very prompt responses.  In my opinion G-Tech could teach a great many other companies and corporations how to interact with customers when problems arise as they too often do.

    - George McGibbon, Half Moon Bay, BC

  • GTECH has been a great organization to work with: They've always supported our charitable functions by donating their wearable technology for the less fortunate and prizes for those in competition. GTECH's apparel is a must for any type of inclement weather during competition. Being a former Division 1 golfer, this product would've been a remarkable resource if it was available a short time ago. Luckily for current and future competitive or seasonal golfers a like, now it is!
    -  Nic Banfield, Partner @ Twin Staffing