• "I have really enjoyed testing the Hand Warmer over the past couple weeks. I am finding it really practical for eliminating the use of heavy gloves. It allows me to keep my dexterity when referring to prints on my iPad and hard copies. After using the G-Tech Hand Warmer for a full 44 hour work week the time savings totaled 4 hours. Which I figured was a saving of almost 10% of the total shift length.

    -M. Cole, Superintendent, PCL Construction

  • “For our Calgary Meter Reading crew, the G-Tech hand warmer has been a real safety asset that we have added in the last year. The Calgary weather can change at any moment and with the winds picking up unexpectedly, having the hand warmer cinched around the waist can give the staff the added warmth they need anytime during the day. Kelly who has been on the beat for 12 years says “I wish they came out with this product earlier. It not only warms my hands, but the pouch also keeps my core warm. Definitely my go to work equipment when it’s below - 10C”. The staff enter readings into a handheld computer and need the dexterity of their fingers to press the small buttons. When we first were introduced to this product we were hoping to help the staff stay warm, what we found was a multi-purpose piece of equipment that keeps our field staff warm and able to function safer at the lower temperatures”

    -Colin Baustad, Team Lead Meter Reading, ENMAX Power Corp


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