G-Tech Apparel and the World of Sports

G-Tech Apparel and the World of Sports

Over this past year, G-Tech Apparel has made a huge mark on the world of sports. Our most recent success came from this past month at Whistling Straits where the 2020 (2021) Ryder Cup took place. We took our standard Heated Pouch Sport 2.0 and added the Official US and European Ryder Cup team logo. During this event, not only did players use the product, but commentators, camera crew, and most importantly, fans, were using our handwarmers during the colder days. One of the coolest things that came out of the Ryder Cup was when Paul Casey tried out Dustin Johnson's handwarmer. We were able to capture this footage on video, and that video alone reached 1.5 million views. Because of this footage, you were able to see G-Tech on channels such as: NBC Sports, The Golf Channel, and Sky Sports, as well as all across various social media platforms. Our team was present both on the course, as well as inside the merchandise tent, where we sold out of the official team pouch in just two days, and sold out of every color by the final day. 


Another recent success for G-Tech Apparel was the MLB season. Being the official heated hand warmer for the MLB, we have product available to all 32 MLB teams. We have had players like Kevin Pillar, Rougned Odor, and Alex Verdugo photographed wearing our hand warmers on colder days of the season. 


Last but not least, G-Tech Apparel has had great success both in the past and present with the NFL. Quarterbacks like Jimmy Garoppolo, Daniel Jones, Baker Mayfield and more have all kept their hands warm by using our hand warmers on and off the field. 

G-Tech apparel is not only a supplier of hand warmers to professional athletes and sporting enthusiasts, but the patented Thermal Grip heat technology has gotten rave reviews from fishermen, hunters, military personnel and outdoorsmen. Those who work outside during cold weather have also been using G-Tech hand warmers with great success. We want everybody to be able to wear G-Tech handwarmers no matter what cold-weather activity may be taking place.
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