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G-Tech Apparel Announces Partnership with the MLB

G-Tech apparel, made famous by their patented heat technology, now offers hand warmers as part of a new MLB collection. This collection of hand warmers will be made available to both MLB players, coaches and umpires as well as to the fans who watch them. Pouches will be available with the logo of all Major League Baseball teams and can be ordered online.

First launching in 2014, G-Tech Apparel hand warmers made a plunge in the professional sports arena. The hand warming pouch was originally designed for these athletes as their target audience.  The technology was so innovative that it quickly became a go to product for professional athletes who battle the cold weather during training and competition.

The success of the company's products cannot be denied as it boasts customers in most major sporting leagues including the NFL, CFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA. Their products have also been spotted at major sporting events including the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and the 2016, 2018 and 2020 Ryder Cup.

These top professionals believe it is the best product out there. Featured in PGA Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and Golf Digest, G-Tech hand warmers are getting the attention and positive reviews of the best in the business. With the arrival of their new Authentic Major League Baseball line, the hand warmers are about to make a big statement in the market.

G-Tech Apparel hand warmers are a pouch with an opening on each end for hand placement. Elastic can tighten around the wrists to keep hands warm and dry. G-Tech uses a simple but highly effective technology to keep their customers warm. While gloves or mitts have limitations to how much warmth they can sustain, the G-Tech hand warmers have a heating element hidden away in the pouch. The element is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can be plugged in from a hidden compartment. 

G-Tech created the patented Thermal Grip heating technology by taking a flexible, heat  generating bar and placing it inside the pouch so that a user can hold onto it.  With the click of a button, three different warm temperatures can be chosen based on preference. The hand warmers are coated with premium polyester that is waterproof to provide protection from rain and cold temperatures.

The design of the hand warmer allows for flexibility. While wearing the pouch, a user can move around freely and maintain normal functioning. Unlike with gloves, which can impact dexterity and range of motion, the hand warmers allow for full hand use whenever it is needed. Hands can stay in the pouch until ready for an activity and then return to the pouch right after.

The MLB G-Tech hand warmers are going to be a game changer in the league. Between innings, players will be able to stay warm and improve circulation, preventing the tightening of hand muscles. Athletes who use the hand warmers will stay ahead of their competition while also proudly wearing their team logo.

G-Tech apparel is a supplier of hand warmers to professional athletes and sporting enthusiasts alike. In addition to athletes, their patented Thermal Grip heat technology has gotten rave reviews from fishermen, hunters, military personnel and outdoorsmen. Men and women who work outside during cold weather have also been using G-Tech hand warmers with great success. Now everyone can use these hand warmers while representing their favorite Major League baseball team.

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