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G-Tech Apparel Heats up Ryder Cup Players

G-Tech Apparel - Golfers at this year's Ryder Cup will benefit from warm hands courtesy of G-Tech Apparel's heated hand warmers. G-Tech is supplying leading golfers taking part in the competition with their well-known heated hand warmers. 

A spokesperson for G-Tech Apparel, said, "We are delighted to support some of the best golfers on the planet as they compete for the prestigious Ryder Cup. G-Tech has been providing Ryder Cup players with heated hand warmers since 2016. The G-Tech Heat delivers the fastest, hottest, and most concentrated heat directly to the hands that you'll find on the market today."

G-Tech heated hand warmers use advanced technology to deliver exceptional results. The heated hand pouches incorporate advanced materials and patented heat technology. The heating pouches are covered in a water-resistant material and are powered by durable lithium polymer batteries. Benefiting from a robust construction, the G-Tech heated hand warmers are designed to provide a fast, effective solution to the problem of cold hands on the golf course.

Players using the G-Tech heated hand warmers can warm their hands whenever they need to.  The G-Tech heated handwarmer pouch can be conveniently worn around the waist, providing ready warmth without the need to remove gloves, mittens, or other cumbersome hand covers. The pouch will operate for many hours, ensuring consistent ready heat is available to the Ryder Cup players whenever required.

Particularly when golfing in challenging conditions, maintaining an adequate temperature can be difficult. Golf courses are notoriously exposed, leaving golfers at the mercy of the elements. The G-Tech hand warmer lets players keep their hands warm at all times whilst they're on the course. The heat is concentrated, enabling hands to warm quickly so that play isn't disrupted.

G-Tech Apparel has been in business since 2014, providing heated clothing to professional athletes, outdoor workers, and anyone else who would benefit from warm hands wherever they are or whatever they're doing. The company holds a patent for its Therma-Grip heat technology. It is also a company that gives back, donating $1 to a good cause for every G-Tech hand warmer sold.

G-Tech has been providing hand warmers to golfers since 2014, and specifically to Ryder Cup competitors since 2016.

The Ryder Cup is one of America's oldest and most prestigious golf tournaments, dating back to 1927. Teams from Europe and the US compete against each other during this biennial competition. 

The venue for the Ryder Cup changes on each occasion. This year's competition will be held at Whistling Straits, Kohler, Wisconsin. Originally scheduled for 2020, the event was moved forward to 2021 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. This year the event is being held from 24th - 26th September.

Held over three days, the scoring is decided through a match point system. Friday's play consists of four fourball (better ball) matches and four foursome (alternate shot) matches. On Saturday, competitors take part in four fourballs and four foursome matches. On the last day of the competition, Sunday, competitors will take part in twelve singles matches. 

There are twelve players in each team. Steve Stricker is the US captain, playing with a line-up that includes B Dechambeau, C Morikawa, X Schauffele, and D Johnson.  The European team is captained by Padraig Harrington. Players from Europe who are likely to take part include R McIlroy, J Rahm, T Fleetwood, and L Westwood.

Europe currently holds the cup, having won it back from the US in 2018.

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